Nepos 4

Luke Roberto /
With this fight having been fought he has set out to Rome with no one resisting . He has delayed in the mountains near the city . When he had camps there for some days and came back to Capua , Quintus Fabius Maximus , the Roman dictator , in the field of that place he threw himself against him . This guy having been closed by the narrowness of the places and at night he set free himself without any damages to his own army ; Fabius , the most experienced commander , he deceived . And for with the night having drawn in he lit on fire the bundle of sticks having been tied in the horn of the bull and he sent forth a great many kinds having wandered around . With the sudden sight having been thrown in he struck so much terror to the Roman army , that no one has dared to go out beyond the walls .
After this thing having been done not for so many days , he routed M . Minucius Rufus , the master of the horse with equal power to the dictator , having been led in by a trick into battle . He , being away in Lucanis , destroyed Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus , who was also a consul , having been led into traps . He killed M . Claudius Marcellus , who was consul 5 times , in an equal way at Venusia . It would be long to count all of the battles . Because of this it would be enough to say this thing , out of which it was able to be understood , how much that he was : for as long as he was in Italy , no one resisted him at the battle line , no one faced him in the field after the Battle of Cannae .

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