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De Bello Gallico

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1.1 An account by Julius Caesar of his campaigns in Gaul
All Gaul is divided into three parts , one of which the Belgae inhabit , the Aquitani another , those who in their own language are called Celts , in ours Gauls , the third . All these differ from each other in language , customs and laws . The river Garonne separates the Gauls from the Aquitani ; the Marne and the Seine separate them from the Belgae . Of all these , the Belgae are the bravest , because they are furthest from the civilization and refinement of [ our ] Province , and merchants least frequently resort to them , and import those things which tend to effeminate the mind ; and they are the nearest to the Germans , who dwell beyond the Rhine , with whom they are continually waging war ; for which reason the Helvetii also surpass the rest of the Gauls in valor , as they contend with the Germans in almost daily battles , when they either repel them from their own territories , or themselves wage war on their frontiers . One part of these , which it has been said that the Gauls occupy , takes its beginning at the river Rhone ; it is bounded by the river Garonne , the ocean , and the territories of the Belgae ; it borders , too , on the side of the Sequani and the Helvetii , upon the river Rhine , and stretches toward the north . The Belgae rises from the extreme frontier of Gaul , extend to the lower part of the river Rhine ; and look toward the north and the rising sun . Aquitania extends from the river Garonne to the Pyrenaean mountains and to that part of the ocean which is near Spain : it looks between the setting of the sun , and the north star .

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