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But the enemy , as soon as they saw our horse , the number of which was 5000 , whereas they themselves had not more than 800 horse , because those which had gone over the Meuse for the purpose of foraging had not returned , while our men had no apprehensions , because their embassadors had gone away from Caesar a little before , and that day had been requested by them as a period of truce , made an onset on our men , and soon threw them into disorder . When our men , in their turn , made a stand , they , according to their practice , leaped from their horses to their feet , and stabbing our horses in the belly and overthrowing a great many of our men , put the rest to flight , and drove them forward so much alarmed that they did not desist from their retreat till they had come in sight of our army . In that encounter seventy-four of our horse were slain ; among them , Piso , an Aquitanian , a most valiant man , and descended from a very illustrious family ; whose grandfather had held the sovereignty of his state , and had been styled friend by our senate . He , while he was endeavoring to render assistance to his brother who was surrounded by the enemy , and whom he rescued from danger , was himself thrown from his horse , which was wounded under him , but still opposed [ his antagonists ] with the greatest intrepidity , as long as he was able to maintain the conflict . When at length he fell , surrounded on all sides and after receiving many wounds , and his brother , who had then retired from the fight , observed it from a distance , he spurred on his horse , threw himself upon the enemy , and was killed .

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