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Maryam Foradi / Diwan Hafez / Divan Hafez (English Translation)
فارسی Transliterate
O king of the lovely the beloved ones of the world for grief of being alone , justice
Without Thee , to the soul , my heart hath come . Tis the time when thou shouldst come back ; and me safety , give *** Me , so far from Thee desirousness and farness made ,
That , from the hand , will depart the power of patience . *** O Beloved the pain of love for Thee is my remedy on the couch of unfulfilled desire
And O Beloved Thy memory , my consoler in the corner of solitude . *** In the compass of our fate , the point of the compass , are we
The favour is whatever Thou thinkest the order , whatever Thou orderest . *** In the world of profligacy of being a lover of God is neither thought of self , nor opinion of self :
In this religious order , Kufr is self - seeing and self - opinioning . *** O Lord to whom is it fit to utter this subtlety that , in the world ,
That lovely one of every place the true Beloved His face displayed not . *** Last night , to the morning breeze , complaint of His tress , I uttered
The breeze said A mistake This thy distraught thought , abandon of Him complain not ; whatever He wisheth , He doeth *** Here with the chain of His tress a hundred morning breezes keep dancing
O heart so long as thou measurest not the wind a thing impossible to do this is thy companion . *** Saki not a colour of decoration hath the sward of the rose without thy face ;
Moving make thy box - tree stature so that the garden thou mayst adorn . *** O Beloved ever joyous , remaineth not the rose of this garden of the world .
At the time of powerfulness perfection of beauty the feeble ones aid and their state , pity *** On account of this blue circle the sky bloody of liver I am give wine
So that , in the enamel - cup , this difficulty I may solve . *** Hafiz departed hath the night of separation come hath the sweet fragrance of morn
O lover of distraughtness auspicious be thy gladness . ***

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