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Hannibal trick sea

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Hannibal trick at sea
With such a cohort of soldiers having been made , the fleet is led by each side into battle . With the battle line of these having been drawn up , before the signal of fight was given , Hannibal sends a messenger in a small boat with a messenger’s staff . When he reached the ships of the enemies , and , showing a message , proclaims that he is seeking the king , immediately he has been led to Eumenes , because no one was doubting that what had been written was about peace . With the ship of the commander having been declared , the messenger took himself back to his own men . But Eumenes , with the letter having been opened , found nothing in it , except the things which pertained in order to irritate him . And yet he did not wonder at the cause of this nor did he discover it ; nevertheless , he did not doubt to start the battle immediately . All of the Bithynians , because of the command of Hannibal , rushed in a charge against the ship of Eumenes . When the king was not able to withstand the force of them , he sought safety by flight . When the remaining Pergamene ships had pressed down their enemies sharply , suddenly jars began to be thrown into them . At first , the things having been thrown stirred up laughter in those fighting , nor were they able to understand why this happened . However , after they saw that their ships had been filled with snakes , having been terrified by this new thing , they turned their ships and brought themselves back to their naval camps . Thus Hannibal overcame the forces of the Pergamene by a plan .

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