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Liam Finnegan Iliad Translation

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  • Created on 2018-02-23 03:21:54
  • Translated by Liam Finnegan
  • Aligned by Liam Finnegan
λαοῖσιν δ᾽ ἀνένευε καρήατι δῖος Ἀχιλλεύς ,
οὐδ᾽ ἔα ἱέμεναι ἐπὶ Ἕκτορι πικρὰ βέλεμνα ,
μή τις κῦδος ἄροιτο βαλών , δὲ δεύτερος ἔλθοι .
ἀλλ᾽ ὅτε δὴ τὸ τέταρτον ἐπὶ κρουνοὺς ἀφίκοντο ,
καὶ τότε δὴ χρύσεια πατὴρ ἐτίταινε τάλαντα ,
ἐν δ᾽ ἐτίθει δύο κῆρε τανηλεγέος θανάτοιο ,
τὴν μὲν Ἀχιλλῆος , τὴν δ᾽ Ἕκτορος ἱπποδάμοιο ,
ἕλκε δὲ μέσσα λαβών : ῥέπε δ᾽ Ἕκτορος αἴσιμον ἦμαρ ,
ᾤχετο δ᾽ εἰς Ἀΐδαο , λίπεν δέ Φοῖβος Ἀπόλλων .
Πηλεΐωνα δ᾽ ἵκανε θεὰ γλαυκῶπις Ἀθήνη ,
ἀγχοῦ δ᾽ ἱσταμένη ἔπεα πτερόεντα προσηύδα :
And to his folk goodly Achilles made sign with a nod of his head , and would not suffer them to hurl at Hector their bitter darts , lest another might smite him and win glory , and himself come too late . But when for the fourth time they were come to the springs , lo then the Father lifted on high his golden scales , and set therein two fates of grievous death , one for Achilles , and one for horse-taming Hector ; then he grasped the balance by the midst and raised it ; and down sank the day of doom of Hector , and departed unto Hades ; and Phoebus Apollo left him . But unto Peleus ' son came the goddess , flashing-eyed Athene
But brilliant Achilleus kept shaking his head at his own people and would not let them throw their bitter projectiles at Hektor for fear the thrower might win the glory , and himself come second But when for the fourth time they had come around to the well springs then the Father balanced his golden scales , and in them he set two fateful portions of death , which lays men prostrate , one for Achilleus , and one for Hektor , breaker of horses , and balanced it by the middle ; and Hektor ' s death-day was heavier and dragged downward toward death , and Phoibos Apollo forsook him . But the goddess grey-eyed Athene came now to Peleion and stood close beside him and addressed him in winged words : ' Beloved

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