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Tacitus Annals (Perseus)
Greenwey Translation
from that time for∣ward all sutes and requests were made to Tiberius , who discoursing diuersly of the greatnes of the empire , and in modest termes of his owne insufficiencie , thought Augustus wisedome onely capable of so weightie a charge ; that himselfe being assumed by Augustus , as an associate and partner in the state , had by good proofe learned , how hard a matter , and how subiect vnto fortunes change : rule and soueraigntie was . And seeing the citie was replenished with so many famous and woorthie personages , better it were and more ease , that manie , ioining their studies and cares togither , should vndertake the charge , than cast all vpon one mans shoul∣ders . This speech carried greater maiestie than truth : for Tiberius either by nature , or by custome , yea euen in those things which he would haue knowen , spake alwaies darkly and doubtfully ; but then of set purpose endeuoring to hide his drifts , wrap∣ped himselfe more than euer , in a darke cloud of vncertaintie and ambiguitie . But the Lords of the Senate fearing all one thing ( which was least some perill might en∣sue , if he should doubt that they perceiued his dissimulation ) began to lament ; com∣plaine ; offer vp vowes ; and lift vp their hands to the gods ; to Augustus image , and to his owne knees ; vntill he commanded the booke of remembrances to be brought foorth and read . That booke contained the wealth of the publike treasure ; how many citizens and allies were in armes ; what strength there was by sea ; how manie kingdomes , prouinces , and countries yeelded obedience to the empire ; what tribute was leuied ; what customes ; what necessarie charges issued out ; what giftes ; and al written with Augustus owne hand . Withal he gaue a politike instruction ( yet whe∣ther for feare or enuie vncertaine ) how to restraine the empire within bounds and limits

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